Ways to get free stuff!

I know sometimes the opinion is “why should I sign up for your loyalty card…its just a marketing tool”?  And yes it may be, but the benefits of loyalty cards can be great!  Yes, let me get my fair share of free stuff!

Shopper’s Drug Mart – every time you purchase something, have them swipe your card.  This works for the full value of prescriptions as well even if you have a drug card through a 3rd party.  The points add up fast and sometimes there are bonus points to be had on certain items or certain days.  Use your points for free stuff – one Christmas I got all my stocking stuffers for my entire family  – FOR FREE!

Save On Foods – yes it sucks that you can’t get the good price without the loyalty card.  But its really worth having one.  Points add up and can equal free groceries.  I am not one for “shopping” in the loyalty catalog and generally use my points to get money off certain items….sometimes the deals are really good.  Get this item for $1.99 when you redeem 500 points, that type of thing.  Bonus points days come along quite often too.  Or save them up…they usually have free turkeys with points redeemed at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We have done that several times and it can really help around those tight budget times!



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