Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and Save $

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and Save $$$

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We have heard these 3 words for many years and we’ve been told that if we do this we can reduce waste and protect the environment. What they didn’t tell us was how much money we would save. Below is a breakdown on ways to follow reduce, reuse and recycle and in turn pocket some cash you didn’t even know you had.

Reduce – Reduce what you may ask? Reduce everything is the answer. Start with the grocery list. Remove anything on the list that has Zero food value. These are not only foods found in the junk food isle but also the bakery and frozen food sections. Limit the processed foods and start making your own healthy snacks – there are numerous popcorn flavors you can make (much healthier than chips) and you can get the kids involved. You will be shocked at how much extra grocery money you have when you cut out the non-foods. If you want that ooey gooey guilt ridden treat, go out for it; make it a date night.

If you find you are buying produce and more often than not moving it from the crisper to the compost, stop buying it. More saved grocery $$s! Buy what you know your family likes and stop buying things you will never use.  Or, start making soups. Once a week make a large soup and freeze it for later or if you have a family, eat right away and enjoy the leftovers. Divide it up in reusable containers and you are good to go.

Limit convenience store visits by planning ahead – all those little trips ad up to big dollars.

Reuse – This is huge. We have become a disposable society, drowning in plastics. Our landfills are beyond full and our oceans are suffering. Disposable plastic bags and containers will soon be a thing of the past so if you haven’t started  yet,  the time is now. Find some nice and durable and maybe even trendy re-usable bags for all your shopping. If the stores don’t have to provide bags to everyone they can pass their savings on to you. Designate some for food and some for non-food items and keep them in the car for easy access.

Pack your lunch – use your food (at home) and not your wallet and you will rack up the savings. Here’s where that lovely soup you made on Sunday comes in. Buy yourself some nice food containers (on sale) and pack yourself some nice leftovers or a nice salad. Planning your meals with leftovers in mind makes for fantastic lunches.  Invest in a good water bottle, and a thermos. Once you stop using disposables the money will roll in.

Always donate your gently used clothing – there are infinite organizations that would be grateful for your hand me downs. The same goes with furniture and other household items.

Recycle – Recycle recycle recycle!  Whether you give it away or sell it, recycle everything you can. I even recycled my old eye glasses through my optometrist which will now go to a 3rd world country. Unless the item is completely useless or broken, most things can be recycled in some way, somehow. Before you throw anything in the garbage ask yourself…. Is it still usable to someone? Can I sell it for money? And before you buy anything ask yourself, Do I really need it? Or can I use that saved money on other things I need more. Be mindful of the 3 Rs  ( reduce, reuse and recycle) and you will find more money in your pocket and you will also feel better about reducing waste and protecting the environment.



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