What Happens at Counselling Sessions?

What happens at the two mandatory counselling sessions?

In order to be discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, you need to attend two mandatory counselling sessions.

Session 1:

This will take place between 10 and 60 days after the effective date of bankruptcy. The bankrupt will be offered information on money management techniques, such as budgeting, spending habits, obtaining and using credit, and the warning signs of financial difficulties.

Session 2:

This session is held at least 30 days after the first, but no more than 210 days after the effective date of bankruptcy. During this session, the counselor will assist in identifying the various causes of the bankruptcy. They will also review the bankrupt’s financial situation and discuss issues that may be impeding their rehabilitation process.

cecraigandassociates-colleencraig-insolvency_trustee-victoriabc Mandatory Counselling Sessions
A counselling certificate is signed by both the counsellor and bankrupt, and filed with their bankruptcy documents by the trustee. The two counselling sessions are mandatory if the bankrupt wants an automatic discharge in 9 months.


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