Collection Agencies; Secret Tricks to Find You

Unfortunately, many people find themselves worrying constantly about “what will happen when my creditors catch up with me?”  They worry each time the phone rings; they look at the caller ID with dread. Many people with debt problems simply wait until the collection calls become too numerous to cope with before they start to deal with their money problems.  Often we talk to people who had hoped to escape collection action and even though they have not made payments to their creditors in months, all has been quiet.  People hope that somehow they have been overlooked.  Then all of a sudden, that dreaded phone call or letter arrives threatening legal action.

There are many different types of people involved in the “business” of debt, from those who grant it, or report on it, or counsel about it, to finally those who collect it from those who do not pay.   It is hard sometimes for debtors to see what goes on “behind the scenes” as it were, and to understand how it all works.  Often debtors are surprised that after a long period of time with no collection attempts, the bill collectors have suddenly tracked them down.

Over the years while acting as a bankruptcy trustee and debt consultant, I have had many dealings with the collection side of the debt business.  I have seen many different secret tricks that collection agencies use routinely to track debtors down. Most of these secret tricks are in plain sight.

Recently on-line I came across a quote from Blair Demarco-Wettlaufer, Managing Partner of Kingston Data & Credit, a collection agency servicing Canada and parts of the United States who indicated that

“Collection agents have access to a ridiculous amount of data.”  

Collection agencies key secret trick is not really a trick at all – the Key to finding debtors is having readily available accurate information and today the internet is, if nothing else, a tidal wave of debtor-supplied information.

As they say on-line, Google knows everything. Once you are surfing the web, it is really just a matter of time before your creditors can track you down.  Most people do not realize that even the way you browse Google or use the internet leaves a trail behind you.  So much so that a sophisticated user will be able to find you on-line simply by the way you use and access on-line resources.

Every day we provide personal information about ourselves on-line.  Twitter, Facebook,  Linked-in, credit card applications, on-line purchases, employment applications etc.  Most of the time we supply this information without a second thought.   All of this data is available on-line to whomever is looking.

If you are tired of hiding or concerned about your creditors finding you, it may be time to take action by filing a personal bankruptcy of a consumer proposal.  Both options offer creditor protection in Canada which means that your creditors MUST stop calling you or garnishing your wages by LAW.  Call today for your free consultation to see if either of these two options will work for you.


Colleen Craig, CA, CIRP


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