BC Limitation Act, Which Version Applies to Me?

The Limitation Act (often referred to in pop culture as a statute of limitations) outlines a set period of time during which people can sue someone in the civil justice system. The Limitation Act sets the default regime for the Province, though it can be overridden by a different limitation period set for a specific law.

On 1st June, 2013 the new Limitation Act came into force, replacing the old Limitation Act (from 1975).  The newer version brings BC law more into line with other provinces, and aims to make the law on limitation periods in BC easier to understand.  The ministry of justice has provided a guide to the major changes and explains the provisions of the new act here

Whenever an old Act is replaced by a new one there is something called a transition period.  This is the period of time when there are still actions or cases that began under the old Act but they have not finished moving their way through the court system by the time the new act comes into force.  If this is the case people are often confused about which act applies. This flow chart should help you get an idea which of the acts would be applicable to your situation.

Decision Flow Chart - BC Statute of Limitaitons

Decision Flow Chart – BC Statute of Limitaitons



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