At C.E. Craig your personal information is confidential so comments and testimonial from our clients are posted here anonymously. Customers have come to expect the most professional and courteous treatment from Colleen Craig and staff. Take a moment to read what other customers in Victoria BC are saying about our bankruptcy and trustee services.

Excellent! Lesley has made our journey easier than anticipated! Due to Lesley, we have recommended people, mainly due to her kindness and treatment with dignity!

I am grateful to all the staff for helping me during this time in my life and all the support I received. I rate C.E Craig & Associates a 10/10 on helping me through this. Thank you to all that I met while I was here.

100%! Lesley was AMAZING! Very helpful and knowledgeable!

Excellent! Overall outstanding service!

Right from the first consultation, we realized that Colleen and her staff were professional and discrete. After just a few minutes my husband and I felt that things were going to be alright after all! They really put us at ease and walked us through the steps so that we knew what to expect during the entire bankruptcy process.

I should have come to see you guys (C E Craig & Associates) years ago.

We were really scared coming here, but everyone here was welcoming and no one talked down to us and we really appreciate it.

I really didn’t want to go bankrupt and was relieved to learn that I could file a Consumer Proposal.

Thank you so much for helping my husband and me through this difficult time. You made a bad situation bearable.

I have a few friends that need to come and see you guys. Filing a Consumer Proposal is a great option.

I feel like I was treated fairly.

I should have done this years ago. I feel so much better now.

Thank you so much for helping me with my bankruptcy. Everyone here at C E Craig & Associates was so nice. It made everything easy.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks.

I feel like I can breath again.

I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.

I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know where to turn. You made everything easy to understand.

We really needed help with getting monthly statements to work and the staff at C E Craig & Associates were great in helping us through the process.

Both my wife and I had to declare bankruptcy. Afterwards, I realized that my parents needed to go bankrupt as well. It was good to have a relationship with a Trustee that I knew would treat my parents with the respect they deserve.

Colleen and her staff made what I thought was going to be a very difficult process quite bearable.

Everyone at C E Craig & Associates was great to deal with and made me feel like a real person.

After talking to Janet I know that I have options to deal with my debts. Just to realize that options are available makes me feel better about things.

Having us do a budget each month really worked for us. We now have an ability to balance our monthly income and expenses.

The counselling booklet was really helpful and gave me some great ideas about how to save money each month on my expenses.

Everyone at C E Craig and Associates was great to get to know and I loved meeting Lexi (the office dog!)

The budget sheet on line was very helpful.

I found the web site very informative and helpful.

Colleen and her staff were very helpful and made the process of going bankrupt easy for us to understand.

I was so relieved to learn that I could go bankrupt, but still be able to keep my car.

I went through this whole process and I never once felt that Colleen or any of her staff at any point judged me, or my financial predicament.

I had no idea that there was any other option for me other than going bankrupt. I was great to be able to file a Proposal to my creditors, so I didn’t have to go bankrupt.

I realized early in the process by working closely with Colleen that my fear of going bankrupt was unfounded as Colleen and her staff helpfully showed me that this was a rebuilding process.

Bankruptcy was a new beginning for both myself and my wife.

Bankruptcy was a turning point in my financial life. I feel that I have turned a corner and will not make the same financial mistakes again.

I had a small business that needed some time to get our cash flows in order. Filing a Proposal gave us the time we needed.

I now feel that I can answer the phone and open my mail without being concerned with who was on the other end looking for money.

Who knew that the bankruptcy process was so easy?!

I really liked dealing with a Trustee who was also a Chartered Accountant. Colleen’s level of knowledge was very helpful.

Dealing with Janet was great. Her practical approach to budgeting was very helpful.

Thanks to everyone at C E Craig & Associates. You all have been a big help and went that extra mile to make this a smooth process for us.

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